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Corporate motto of "Research and Creation", we will always learn and absorb advanced technologies, continue to provide new value, and aim to be a company that supports technological innovation with one-of-a-kind technological superiority and an attitude of "getting it done".

President & Chief Executive Officer
Tomohiro Noda

Company Profile

Location 12-8 Satsuki-cho, Kanuma-shi, Tochigi Pref. 322-0014 Japan
Telephone number +81-289-76-3110
Fax number +81-289-76-3117
Capitalization 100,000,000 JPY
Founded June 1966
Date of establishment spin-out from ALMEX INC. in October 2006
Executive Officers Chairman/Masahide Watanabe
President and Chief Executive Officer/Tomohiro Noda
Executive Vice President and Representative Director/Kimiharu Yoshida
Managing Director and Management Manager/Terumi Kashiwabuchi
Director (Outside)/Hidemasa Kaneko
Director (Outside)/Masashi aikawa
Standing Corporate Auditor/Yohei Inoue
Managing Executive Officer/Ryunosuke Masuda
Managing Executive Officer/Kosaku Umezawa
Managing Executive Officer/Katsumi Ishii
Executive Officer/Kazuhito Takeda
Executive Officer/Kazutoshi Akamatsu
Number of employees More than 1000 employees (whole group companies)
Consolidated Subsidiary ALMEX TECHNOLOGIES PHILIPPINES INC.(Philippine Factory)
Affiliated Company SHANGHAI ALMEX CO.
Business Objectives Surface treatment engineering for aluminum./Development and sales of chemical products.
Main Banks Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., Head Office
Yokohama Bank, Ltd., Head Office
Tochigi Bank, Ltd. , Head Office
Toho Bank, Ltd., Utsunomiya Branch
San Ju San Bank, Ltd., Tokyo Corporate Banking Department Tokyo Branch
Tochigi Shinkin Bank, Utsunomiya Office
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Asakusa Corporate Business Office
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Kaminarimon Branch


Headquarters location
12-8 Satsuki-cho, Kanuma-shi, Tochigi 322-0014 Japan
Utsunomiya Office

12-8, Satsuki-cho, Kanuma-shi, Tochigi Pref.322-0014
TEL: +81-289-76-3110
FAX: +81-289-76-3117

Chubu Branch

6-57, Noginomori-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu Pref. 503-0852
TEL: +81-584-77-6065
FAX: +81-584-77-6067

Nagano Branch

2674-1, Inaba, Nagano-shi, Nagano Pref.380-0911
TEL: +81-26-219-8016
FAX: +81-26-226-5562


Environmental policy

Our environmental policy is set as follows.


1. ALMEX TECHNOLOGIES Inc. develops, designs, manufactures, sells, and maintains environment-friendly surface treatment equipment and chemical products and aims to win the trust of customers. Through our business activities, it is our objective to perform respective duties and obligations in environmental governance, in joint efforts to plan economic development, social progress, and environmental protection to realize mutual wins and sustainable development of the world.

Behavioral guidelines

1. Be aware of the environmental impact of corporate activities at each branch, including the head office, and deeply recognize the finiteness of resources and energy, prevent pollution, use sustainable resources, mitigate climate change, and so on. We strive to adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity and ecosystems.

2. We will set targets in consideration of the environmental impact of our products, activities and services, and strive to continuously improve our management system to promote environmental awareness and eco-friendly performance.

The priority items are as follows.

  • We will promote ENERGY CONSERVATION and sustainable use of resources by promoting the remodeling and relocation of equipment to customers and proposing long-term use of equipment.
  • Reduce the environmental load by designing to improve the productivity of customers and developing systems that contribute to resource saving.

3.We will comply with applicable laws and ordinances related to environmental aspects and other environmental requirements that we agree upon.

4.We will disseminate environmental protection policies to all our employees and employees of cooperating companies that will participate in our corporate activities. We will educate and convey information regarding the impacts on the environment.

5. We will publish our environmental policy in response to external requests.

Enactment date: November 1, 2008
Revised date: April 1, 2021
President and CEO Tomohiro Noda

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Registration Certificate