Jigs remover/Palladium remover

We provide high-performance jig stripping liquid that is indispensable for copper sulfate plating processing equipment.

Hydrogen Peroxide-Sulfuric Acid Type
Hydrogen Peroxide-Sulfuric Acid Type

Hydrogen Peroxide-Sulfuric Acid Type

It exfoliates the copper which deposited in the stainless steel jigs. It also excels in the stability of a hydrogen peroxide, increases exfoliation velocity and the controls development of sulfuric acid mist.


Even if the copper concentration in a bath is high, disassembly of a hydrogen peroxide is remarkably low, and it is possible to make the amount of the hydrogen peroxide used into the decrease of the minimum.


It excels the stability of a hydrogen peroxide also in the high copper concentration range, and exfoliation velocity is quick.


It uses together with stabilizer PTH-900 or PTH-940, and produces a prolonged sulfuric-acid-mist preventive effect.


It is possible to remove the palladium which deposited in the SUS basket and SUS jigs, also takes up the palladium which dissolved into liquid by using together with PTH-940.

Nitric Acid Type

Based on Nitric acid and exfoliates of copper, tin, and pewter.


It controls a development of NOx gas harmful to the body, and improves effect of exfoliation velocity.


It excels in mist prevention. It uses together with PTH-970 if needed.

In addition to in-house developed and manufactured chemicals, we also offer a wide range of OEM chemicals, affiliated chemicals, and agency chemicals.

For printed circuit boards and package boards
For printed circuit boards and package boards
  • Jigs remover
  • Palladium remover
  • Copper sulfate plating chemicals(Through hole/Via filling)
  • Inorganic salts
  • Anodes(Copper(II) oxide/Copper balls,etc.)
  • Analysis equipment/Analysis reagents
  • Other plating-related chemicals in general
For gravure cylinders
For gravure cylinders
  • Copper sulfate plating chemicals
  • Chrome plating related chemicals
  • Pit prevention agent
  • Inorganic salts
  • Anodes(Copper balls/Nickel plate,etc.)
  • Analysis equipment/Analysis reagents
  • Other related chemicals in general